A Length of Spare Shibori: Hand Spun Cotton

$25.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth century
30" x 12 1/4", 76 cm x 31 cm

What was hard to capture in photographs is the beautifully textured hand spun cotton which is the base of this piece, and, as well, the subtle, chalky, cobalt blue-like color of the indigo dye.

This is a length of hand loomed cotton which is rich in ito aji, or thread taste; ito aji is a desired quality in Japanese folk textiles.   The simple decoration on this fragment of cloth is nui shibori or stitched shibori and the meaning of the image is unclear.  Likewise, the original purpose of this textile is unclear as the repeat image is not of the sort to be used on a kimono or on a futon cover.

Still, this is a wonderfully rustic fragment of old Japanese shibori dyed cotton, and a very nice tangible memory of old Japan.

A Length of Spare Shibori: Hand Spun Cotton