A Length of Shinafu: Linden Fiber Mesh

$225.00 USD

early twentieth century
73" x 14", 185.5 cm x 35.5 cm

This is a length of hand plied, hand woven shinafu, which is a traditional Japanese bast fiber-based cloth that is woven from yarns processed from the inner bark of the linden tree.

Shinafu usually shows a copperish or reddish tone, its yarns are wiry and scratchy and often shinafu was used for utilitarian textiles because of the strength and durability of its fibers. Blueish-green stripes (probably not linden yarn) are evenly spaced over the width of this length.

Because this is a length of mesh cloth it would make sense that this is a section taken from a kaya or from mosquito netting. Aside from the fact that this is woven from linden fiber--a relatively rare type of bast weaving--the weaving was done in the leno method where two warp yarns are woven around a weft yarn. The detail photos here show this quite well.

The length shows a slight break or hole to it which is shown on the third detail photograph here.

This is a marvelous opportunity to own a handsome piece of collectible shinafu which is both hand plied and is woven in the leno technique.