A Length of Shibori Dyed Cotton: Large Repeat

$35.00 USD
mid twentieth century
41 1/4" x 14 1/2", 104.75 cm x 36.75 cm

This is a length of lightweight, commercially loomed cotton that has been dyed in the shibori or tie dye method. It was taken from a yukata, an unlined, casual summer kimono.

The pattern on the cotton is is large in scale. It shows boldly arranged diagonal lines that are contrasted by curving forms--almost like a half-paisley--that contain shibori dyed images of bamboo leaves. The colors are a kind of cornflower blue and a purplish tone.

There are ingrained creases from its former life as a garment and the length is versatile in its applications: it can be admired as art, used as a fashion or home accessory, studied for its technique or design--or in any number of ways that inspiration will govern.


A Length of Shibori Dyed Cotton: Large Repeat