A Length of Sankuzushi Stripes: 19th Century Basket Weave Pattern

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nineteenth century
54" x 13 1/2", 137 cm x 34 cm

This length is a type of woven cotton cloth which was popular in mid-to-late nineteenth Japan.

The pattern is a resembles basket weave or a "split bamboo mat." Referred to as sankuzushi, this woven pattern which was produced in myriad variation. In this case, the scale of the sankuzushi pattern is small and due a color shift strategically spaced along the warp we see the formation of a striped design. 

Sankuzushi seems to have its origin in India; it seems to have then been adapted by the Chinese. No wonder this beautiful cloth found its way to Japan and was produced there by native hands.

Because sankuzushi was so popular in the 19th century we can assume this length was taken from an old kimono fragment. The cloth is fairly lightweight and has a nice, drapey hand.

It is a beautiful length of cloth from 19th century Japan.