A Length of Sakiori from a Kotatsugake: Rag Weave

$185.00 USD

early to mid twentieth
72" x 14", 183 cm x 35.5 cm

This is a beautifully colored length of sakiori, a kind of weaving that uses shredded cloth for its weft yarn; sakiori is the Japanese word for rag woven textiles. 

Most likely this sakiori panel is taken from a kotatsugake or hearth cover, and it shows some light wear and some snags and loss to some warp yarns, a detail of which can be seen on the lead photo here.

The warp yarns alternate black and red which give a subtle striped look to the panel.  The weft is entirely of rag yarns shredded from what could be called earthy-toned cotton and they are arranged in blocks of reddish tones and mottled, lighter tones.

Beautifully colored and nicely woven, this is a very good example of sakiori weaving.