A Length of Rustic Egasuri: Horses and Other Images

$110.00 USD

late nineteenth century
61" x 13", 155 cm x 33 cm

This is a length of striped, hand spun, hand woven cotton that is hand stitched from two pieces. The cotton is wonderfully rustic and embodies the desired characteristic of what the Japanese call "thread flavor."

The stripes of the cloth are of deep indigo tone, brownish/grey tone and white.

There is a wonderful variety of white colored, weft-based kasuri images that run down the length of the cloth, the most prominent of them is the depiction of a horse shown in full gallop with its head turned, looking backward. This image is shown three times and is put in two different directions.

Some of the other weft-based kasuri images are hard to discern but what can be are those of a sparrow, a shallow bowl and a gourd. Each of these images is a surprising delight for the eye.

The cloth is in good, used condition with the not-surprising qualities of faint overall wear.

It is a marvelous length of cloth and quite unusual for the many different images depicted on it in the kasuri technique.


A Length of Rustic Egasuri: Horses and Other Images