A Length of Red Dyed Itajime Cotton: Classic Motifs

$75.00 USD

early twentieth century
43" x 13 1/4", 109 cm x 33.5 cm

This length of fairly lightweight cotton is dyed in the itajime method, a resist dye technique which uses carved boards and applied pressure to resist the cloth in order to produce patterns.  

This particular length of cloth shows an all over repeat pattern in mirror image, the image components of the pattern are a smattering of traditional Japanese motifs: Genji wheels, chrysanthemums, basket weave and cherry blossoms.  

The red and pink colors on this piece of itajime dyed cotton are synthetic dyes which were introduced to Japan from Germany in the mid-to-late nineteenth century.

Since a true red was difficult to achieve from botanical sources in Japan there was an attraction to red tones once synthetic dyes were introduced there and a scarlet red could be easily had.

This is a  lovely and collectible length of resist dyed cotton both for its technique and its beautiful pattern. 

It is in good, used condition with still bright color tones and a charming all over image in the typical mirror image characteristic of itajime dyeing.

A Length of Red Dyed Itajime Cotton: Classic Motifs