A Length of Plaid Cotton: Pieced

$40.00 USD

early twentieth century
71" x 12 3/4", 180 cm x 32.4 cm

Japan's textile history is filled with amazing plaids in so many variants of size, color and spirit that it impossible to count them. Although one might not readily associate this kind of cloth with Japan or Japanese design it is a rich part of their textile history.

Here is a lovely one showing a tight pattern--the length is hand stitched from two pieces.

It is hand woven from hand spun cotton, the color is deep and rich and the plaid is well thought-out. 

As can be seen in the detail photos here there are areas of small holes, none terribly large, and none that seriously detract from the overall visual enjoyment of the piece--but they are there if that is of consequence.

Very handsome, this is a good looking, traditional hand woven plaid cloth from Japan.