A Length of Pieced Katazome Samplers: Pattern Mash-Up

$225.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
76" x 12 1/2", 193 cm x 32 cm

This length of indigo dyed boro katazome cloth is hand stitched from mihon or partial rolls of katazome samplers.  

Mihon were originally used by a katazome dyer to allow prospective clients the choice of buying a particular pattern; by the looks of the turned-under edges of this length, it seems that this length was repurposed to become a futon cover.  

What is interesting about this length is the mash-up of patterns that can be seen in the center of the length: random pieces of old mihon were joined together to create an unintended visual cacophony which is utterly delightful to see.

Also delightful to see is the amazingly rich library of patterns to be found along this re-purposed length. Not only does the piece hold great visual interest as  record of katazome patterns from a bygone era but it also clearly shows the practice of re-using available lengths of cloth in new applications.

This is a real treasure from old Japan, and one that is able to convey an aspect of life in a long-gone era. Note some scuffs, light stains and small areas of loss, all consistent with its age and use.


A Length of Pieced Katazome Samplers: Pattern Mash-Up