A Length of Patched Rustic Katazome Cotton: One-Half Juban

$60.00 USD

**reduced from $75.00**
early to mid twentieth century
48" x 13 1/2", 122 cm x 34 cm

This notched and patched length of rustically resist dyed cotton cloth is 1/2 a han juban or a half under-kimono--and it is seemingly never worn.

The pattern is a repeat of diamonds which suggest a stylized budding leaf motif; the quality of the katazome dyeing is flawed and rustic which gives this length charm: note the gaps in the design, the smudged areas and the overall inconsistencies of technique: just delightful.

The patch is loosely applied and it sits at what would have been the shoulder of the piece.  The design on the patch of cotton is that of a modified tortoise shell pattern, a symbol of long life.

A lovely length of old cotton in good condition with a very nice pattern.