A Length of Patched Lightweight Cotton: Katazome

$60.00 USD

**reduced from $75.00**
early twentieth century
56" x 12 1/2", 142.25 cm x 32 cm

This is a length of lightweight cotton that has been dyed in the katazome method--and the pattern shown on the length is unusual.

The pattern is pointillist in nature, showing misty, stylized snowflakes as a background for chrysanthemums with what seem to be over-sized leaves.

The length is threadbare in places and shows some very good patching, the three patches at the top being the most interesting.

Please do note, however, the two rings of staining in the center of the piece, shown in the detail photos that accompany this posting. They do not detract from the overall appreciation of the length but they should be noted.

The pattern, as stated above, is not common which makes this length the beautiful thing that it is.

A very charming length of patched katazome cotton.