A Length of Patched Kaya: Hand Plied Bast Yarn

$85.00 USD

early twentieth century
68" x 13 1/2", 173 cm x 34.25 cm

This is a wonderful length of rustic, hemp mesh cloth.  This is a panel from a kaya or mosquito netting, hence the loose, open weave of the cloth.

The color is a dull green tone which could be the result of the overdyeing indigo with a yellow dyestuff to create a green color or it could be what was originally blue that has softened to green from years of exposure to soot which adds a yellowing or darkening effect to items that are in contact with it.

The hemp yarns are beautifully hand plied, both warp and weft, and their wiry quality is textural.

The one, lone patch with its lovely stitching adds charm to this good sized length.

A lovely length of old kaya, quite generous in length.