A Length of Patched Egasuri Cotton: Tortoise and Crane

$80.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
58" x 13", 147.25 cm x 33 cm

This rustic beauty is a length of patched egasuri or picture kasuri which is woven in indigo dyed cotton.

The length, more than likely taken from a futon cover shows weft based kasuri images of tortoise and crane, the forceful image duo that conveys wishes for a long life.

The images are simply drawn and slightly awkwardly rendered in the kasuri technique: these qualities are the basis for their visual charm.

There are two patches to the length, one obvious and large and the other quite a bit smaller. 

The cotton is of a nice, fairly heavy weight and the indigo is deep and rich in tone. This length is in good, used condition.

A lovely boro length with wonderful wishes embedded in the cloth.