A Length of Patched Boro Narumi Kongata: Multi-Stenciled Dyed Cotton

$60.00 USD

early twentieth century
36" x 13", 91.5 cm x 33 cm

Narumi kongata is a kind of katazome dyeing that employs a set of (often) many stencils which, when resisted, create an intentional, shibori-like effect as is the case here.

Soft edges and mottled, miura shibori-like fields are standard in the repertoire of Narumi kongata and this length shows these qualities well.

The pattern is that of cascading fans set against a miura shibori background. 

The cotton is old and seems to be hand spun.

The cloth is well-used and shows light fading and some abrasion from wear, but its black on white kasuri patching adds charm and character.

A wonderful length of Narumi kongata cotton with wonderful repairs.

Please note a haze of ingrained staining to the upper section of the piece, a bit less noticeable in real life than what is depicted on the accompanying photographs. Also noted in detail are the tears and holes to the piece, each subtle.