A Length of Omi Jofu: Rooster in Kasuri

$80.00 USD

early twentieth century
35" x 12 1/4", 89 cm x 31 cm

This is a beautiful, indigo dyed fragment of gorgeous Omi jofu, a very finely woven and figured hemp or ramie cloth from present day Shiga prefecture.
Omi jofu is among Japan's finest hemp and ramie textiles, and this particular piece has good age and a beautiful--and unusual--kasuri pattern.

The pattern woven into this cloth is that of a rooster in an idealized farm yard, a pattern that is rarely seen and quite uncommon.  As with most kasuri patterns from Omi, this one shows a weft-based image that is highlighted by warp-based designs which create a sparkling or dazzling effect on the cloth.

This oddly patterned length of cloth is in good, used condition and is recommended for its singularity of design.

A Length of Omi Jofu: Rooster in Kasuri