A Length of Omi Jofu: Hemp or Ramie Cloth

$45.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth century
34 1/2" x 13 1/2", 86.25 cm x 34 cm 

This is a beautiful, indigo dyed fragment of gorgeous Omi jofu, a very finely woven and figured hemp or ramie cloth from present day Shiga prefecture.

Omi jofu is among Japan's finest hemp and ramie textiles, and this particular piece has good age and a beautiful, kasuri pattern.  The pattern depicts an all over pattern of folding fans, pine, plum blossoms and stylized pine bark amid a background of trailing ivy vines.  The folding fans show the design of a cherry blossom.

The cloth is in good, used condition, however the entire surface is lightly creased from years of storage.

Pay special attention to the bottom edge of this fragment of cloth as it shows that it is the end of the hand woven bolt: the kanji or Chinese characters tell a bit about the cloth.  Impressive.

A gorgeous length of old asa weaving.


A Length of Omi Jofu: Hemp or Ramie Cloth