A Length of Old Weft Based Kasuri: Striped Background

$80.00 USD

early twentieth century
49" x 12 3/4", 124.5 cm x 32.5 cm

This is a lovely length of old kasuri woven cotton that shows stark, white images against a dark background of indigo and ochre colored stripes.

The cloth is well-used, is slightly faded overall and the surface shows a bit of pitting, some examples of which can be seen if you look carefully at the accompanying detail photographs.

The woven images are classically Japanese: plum blossoms, a ginkgo leaf, bamboo, and a Buddhist interlocking circle are among the grouping of the images woven into the cloth.

The relative boldness of the images against the background and the straightforwardness of this design make this an attractive length of old kasuri cotton.