A Length of Old Boro Cotton: Antique Patched Futon Cover Panel

$155.00 USD

late nineteenth century
68 1/2" x 13", 174 cm x 33 cm

This very handsome, old boro panel is taken from a futon cover.  

It is a handsome panel, one that is rich in age, hand stitching, and wonderful, old, hand loomed, indigo dyed cloth. 

By looking at the texture achieved by hand loomed cloth represented by the old cotton fragments, one is easily able to tell that this is a good example of a boro cloth, and one that should be considered for its age, its very nice hand spun, hand woven cotton and its good patching..

The base cloth is of hand woven cotton cotton.  The surface of this base cloth is studded with in patches, seven in all and each of the patches seems to be of a similar age to the base cloth, making this a cohesively old length of cloth.

It is notable to mention that this boro panel is of good age, more than likely its making dates to the late nineteenth century but its cloth components could be much older. As said above, all the cloth used in making this length are contemporary to one another. This fact, and the age of this length are desirable factors when thinking to acquire a boro textile.

A good looking boro panel and one with great integrity.