A Length of Narumi Kongata: Three Patches

$75.00 USD

late nineteenth century
31" x 12 1/4", 78.5 cm x 31 cm

This is a length of patched Narumi kongata cotton: Narumi kongata is a kind of katazome dyeing that employs a set of stencils which, when resisted, creates an intentional, shibori-like effect as is the case on this example here.

Soft edges that are a kind of faux shibori are standard in the repertoire of Narumi kongata and this length of fairly light weight cotton shows this quality well. 

There is a dominant design of elaborately rendered dragons shaped as roundels which sit against a ground of interlocking diamonds (made to look like stitched shibori) inside of which are shibori-like cherry blossoms.

Vertical rows small, shibori style "spiderwebs" are a strong vertical design component.

There are three patches, two of which are katazome, one of which is Narumi kongata.

The length is faded from wear but it is still a very handsome length that beautifully shows a complex type of stencil resist dyeing.