A Length of Mended Striped Cotton: Visual Interest

$125.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
66 1/2" x 19", 169 cm x 48.25 cm

This one-and-a-half width pieced cotton cloth shows woven stripes: it was pieced together from four separate fragments.

As the pieces on the left of the cloth are narrow we can assume this length was recycled from a yogi or a kimono-shaped duvet. The narrow pieces would have been the the collar areas of the yogi.

The fact that the top, left fragment is set counter to the direction of the vertical stripes which compose the piece is an integral aspect to the visual interest of this pieced and mended cloth. Affixed to the surface are six, small cotton patches.

The textile is engaging in its visual interest and the subtleties of the seams, the mismatched stripe direction, the piecing and the patching are what make it get our attention.

A beauty.