A Length of Katazome Cotton Boro: Cross Repeat

$65.00 USD

early twentieth century
48" x 16", 122 cm x 40.5 cm

This length of patched indigo cotton is composed of four pieces that are hand stitched together and onto which are stitched seven patches.

It is dyed in the katazome or stencil resist dyed method and the cotton has almost a crepe feel to it for some reason. The pattern of crosses  are rendered in such a way as to suggest they were brushed on. The pattern was stenciled on both sides of the cloth.

It is a charmingly straightforward repeat that is further enhanced by the addition of contrasting patches.

Please note some overall light fading and wear, but this is not surprising given that this is a boro textile and one that is expected to show wear and offer a sense of history by its used condition.


A Length of Katazome Cotton Boro: Cross Repeat