A Length of Kasuri Dyed Cotton: Elegant Grid

$80.00 USD

early twentieth century
70" x 13", 178 cm x 33 cm

This is a beautifully designed and executed length of indigo dyed kasuri cotton that shows a very handsome, large-scale plaid design.

There has been research in Japan that concludes that plaid designs in Japanese textiles relate to or were informed by architectural details: lattice windows and screens, for example, are what is cited and a photo of a Japanese architectural detail that supports this argument is shown here.

When seeing this pattern here this theory can be seen to bear out: there is definitely a structured feeling to the design and it looks both sturdy and elegant at the same time.

The cloth is of good color and it shows some light fading and some slight, overall surface abrasion from wear. The cloth is starched and there is some evidence of starch deposits (whitish blooms) on the surface. As well there is a hand stitched label to the back of the top, right hand corner of the cloth.

It is in good, intact, used condition and is undeniably attractive not only for its appearance but from what we can gather is its old, mellowed age.