A Length of Kastsuo Jima Stripe: Allusion to the Bonito

$85.00 USD
late nineteenth century
72" x 14", 183 cm x 35.5 cm

What an attractive length of richly color toned, old, striped, hand spun, hand woven cotton cloth. 

Shown here is a panel that is woven in a striped pattern composed of regularly spaced stripes of varying widths, creating an effect that, in combination with the gradient colors used in the stripes, was referred to as "katsuojima" or "bonito stripe."

The cloth was meant to allude to the sheen and color found on the skin of the katsuo or bonito, a fish very well known to all Japanese.

The cotton is of a richly toned, textural quality and the optical effect of the traditional woven striped pattern is exceedingly handsome.

There are some ingrained creases but otherwise this handsome length of striped cotton cloth is in good, used condition--and it is old.