A Length of Jishiro Katazome Hemp or Ramie Cloth: Summer Pattern

$72.00 USD

**reduced from $90.00**
early twentieth century
59" x 12", 150 cm x 30.5 cm

This is a length of jishiro katazome--or blue-on-white stencil resist dyed--cloth which is woven from hemp or ramie yarns and is composed of five separate pieces which are hand stitched together.

The lightweight length was taken from a summer futon cover: the airy and delicate design and the soft blue colors of the resist dyed pattern are meant to be cooling to the eye. The pattern shows butterflies and peonies scattered against a background of undulating, vertically-oriented lines which is a pattern called tatewaku in Japanese, and it is a traditional Japanese design that is sometimes referred to as "rising steam."

The length is in good, used condition and in addition to it being hand stitched together from five pieces, there is one mending patch to the proper back of this piece.

A beautiful length of katazome cloth.