A Length of Indigo Dyed Shibori: Tatewaku

$60.00 USD

early twentieth century
55" x 13", 139.5 cm x 33 cm

This is a handsome length of old, indigo dyed shibori that shows a bold pattern in a large repeat.

The pattern is a variant on tatewaku or "rising steam" and it is made of wide, parallel lines that curve in sync with each other, the field behind or around them is dappled blue-on-blue. The lines are dyed using tie dye as is the background. The background mottling is done in the miura shibori technique.

The length is rich in its indigo tone and is in good, used condition. Some ingrained creases from wear.

Super attractive.

A Length of Indigo Dyed Shibori: Tatewaku