A Length of Indigo Dyed Hemp or Ramie Kasuri: Omi Jofu

$65.00 USD

late nineteenth century
47" x 13", 119.25 cm x 33 cm

Omi jofu is a sophisticated type of bast fiber weaving known for its fine, hand plied yarns and for weaving of the highest quality.

It is woven in what is now Shiga prefecture where the region of Omi in Shiga lends this cloth its name. Omi jofu is one of the handful of very fine, designated hemp or ramie woven cloth in Japan.

This length shows a repeat kasuri pattern with a background of medium toned, warm indigo color which is characteristic of this old hemp or ramie cloth from Omi.

The piece was taken from a kimono or garment and as such it shows ingrained creases from wear, but otherwise it is in good, used condition with slight overall wear and perhaps a tiny, unnoticeable hole or two.