A Length of Hemp Warped Sakiori: One-Half Unmade Work Jacket

$300.00 USD

**reduced from $375.00**
early to mid twentieth century
72" x 13 1/2", 183 cm x 34.25 cm

This marvelous length of indigo dyed cotton sakiori is half an unmade jacket.  And for those who are looking for the "ultimate" sakiori, in a way, this is it.

The reasons are because this length is woven using a hemp warp, which is what you would like to find when you are looking for sakiori, mainly because it hearkens back to the origins of this weaving form when bast fibers were used for the warp as cotton warp was not yet available.  Against the hemp warp there is woven a beautifully colored, primarily indigo weft, and, again, going back to the origins of the first sakiori weaving, we can almost bet that the weft yarns were of indigo rags.

Also this is good sized length, which is also a benefit.  There are some fairly noticeable, but small, stains on the piece, shown here on the accompanying detail photos, but its hemp warp and indigo weft overpower this small flaw.

If you notice the small notch of hemp weaving which can be seen in the center of this piece, this is where the length would have been cut to fashion the shoulder part of the jacket which is yet to be made.

A really beautiful length of sakiori weaving.