A Length of Hemp or Ramie Kasuri: Tai

$55.00 USD

late nineteenth century
19" x 12 1/4", 48 cm x 31 cm

This is an elegant length of old hemp or ramie, indigo dyed kasuri cloth that shows a particularly nice pattern of bold stripes, red sea bream (red snapper) or tai and plum branches and blossoms.

Red snapper or tai has auspicious associations in Japan because its Japanese name is similar to the word medetai that means "auspicious" or "congratulatory."

In this case we see a lightly oxidized length of indigo dyed ramie or hemp cloth probably from Omi a place in Japan which is well-known for its extra fine hemp and ramie cloth production. The indigo tones are slightly greyed from time.

As can be seen from the lead photo here there is a stain--maybe charcoal-based ink--which does not significantly detract from the overall beauty of this charming length of old cloth.

A wonderful holiday gift for the meaning it holds.