A Length of Hand Woven Plaid Cotton: Superb Quality and Design

$70.00 USD

early twentieth century
52" x 13 1/2", 132 cm x 34 cm

In old Japan plaids and checked cottons were well-loved--and there were countless varieties produced over the centuries. 

This is a particularly beautiful length of hand woven, indigo dyed cotton whose colors when seen by eye are so much richer and more subtle than what the camera can capture.

What is so beautiful about this plaid is that the pale blue and the rust colors are of almost the same tonal value yet at the same time they are complimentary: one color is cool, one color is warm.

As they are almost of the same tonal value their point of intersection creates a visual vibration that is just beautiful to see. In between these intersecting points are dark squares of deep-toned indigo that create a mooring quality to the color of the plaid pattern.

The length is in very good condition with very little, if any, fading or wear. Each of the short ends is finished with quick stitching using hemp thread, a wonderful indication of age.