A Length of Hand Woven Kasuri Cloth: Soft Blues

$90.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
8 1/2 yards x 14 1/4", 790 cm x 36.2 cm

This very long and attractive hand woven length of cotton kasuri or ikat cloth represents a partial bolt, and on one of the two short ends you can see the red maker's stamp still lightly imprinted.

Most likely the cotton yarns are machine spun, but the fabric itself is just lovely in its low-contrast tones and shades of blue and grey: the weft yarns are designed to create a succession of narrow bands up the length of the cloth while the warp yarns are resisted, creating a kind of soft, open checkerboard pattern.

A tiny bit of slight discoloration from age seen most easily on the selvedge edges, but this is very pale.  A few loose cotton yarns here and there, but no holes or damage of any kind.


A Length of Hand Woven Kasuri Cloth: Soft Blues