A Length of Hand Painted Ramie Cloth: Child's 19th Century Kimono

$225.00 USD

ate nineteenth century
39" x 6 1/2", 99 cm x 16.5 cm

This narrow length of hand plied, hand woven hemp or ramie cloth is hand painted and was taken from a child's kimono. It dates to the mid-to-late nineteenth century and it shows wonderfully auspicious symbols regarding the crane and pine which are two popular motifs that convey good things.

The pine is a symbol of longevity, appropriate for anyone but especially a child. As well it symbolizes conjugal fidelity as pine needles fall in pairs.

Likewise the crane symbolizes both longevity and marital fidelity; cranes mate for life. And because of their elegant form, color and bearing they are also images of beauty. The jagged shape that encloses this scene of pine and crane, interestingly enough, is a shorthand way of depicting pine bark, further emphasizing the aspect of pine.

The top and bottom are dyed in a rich charcoal tone and the hand painting is delicate and done with a sure hand. There is a family crest of stylized wisteria leaves shown wreath-like and hand painted with delicate details.

The dyes used on this fragment are undoubtedly all botanical and the overall look is one of elegance. The kimono this was taken from must have belonged to a child of some means.

Just beautiful.