A Length of Faded Katazome Cotton: Stylized Plum Blossoms

$76.00 USD

**reduced from $95.00**
early twentieth century
59 1/2" x 15 1/2", 151 cm x 39.25 cm

This is a beautifully faded length of katazome dyed cotton, the original indigo dye has now softened to a gently mottled, uneven greyish tone which adds a kind of delicacy to the overall appearance of this length.

The repeat image is of stylized plum blossoms seen both from the back and from the front; the plum blossoms are arranged against a field of arabesque.

The width of this piece is slightly more than most traditional Japanese textiles that measure 13" or 33 cm (roughly). There is a 15" or 38 cm length of selvedge missing from the upper, left hand side of the length.

This playful pattern is unusual for showing plum blossoms from two sides and the light fading and surface wear add to its charm.