A Length of Egasuri or Picture Kasuri: San'in Region

$120.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
56" x 13 1/4", 142 cm x 33.5 cm 

This gorgeous length of indigo dyed cotton kasuri or ikat cloth is typical of the type made in what used to be called San'in, which is now  present day Tottori Prefecture in western Honshu.   

Often in San'in gasuri you will see images designed as this one is: a striped background against which a weft kasuri pattern is woven.  

This particular length of San'in gasuri is notable for its rare inclusion of tigers and bamboo, a beautiful combination of symbols that suggest bravery (the tiger) and resilience (the bamboo). It is also a design pairing that conveys the ideas of idea of a peaceful and harmonious society, strong leadership, and a fair government

The cotton and the color tone on this piece are both strong and vibrant; the images are fantastically well rendered and the indigo tone is so deep that it reads as black.

A wonderful, wonderful piece of kasuri with a rarely seen combination of motifs, and one that is highly recommended.

A Length of Egasuri or Picture Kasuri: San'in Region