A Length of Egasuri: Beautifully Old and Hand Spun Cotton

$110.00 USD

late nineteenth century
53" x 13", 134.5 cm x 33 cm

The age and the beautiful hand spun cotton yarns of this length of indigo dyed striped and kasuri cloth add to its beauty, which is undeniable. This cloth seems to have been woven in Japan's San'in region, known for weaving of this type.

The cloth shows repeating, dark bands of indigo dyed cotton that host an egasuri vignette of a fish (possibly a carp) and a stream; this vignette is reversed on alternating bands.

The warp-based striping is narrow and lovely and adds a delicate background to the bold bands of egasuri--a wonderful detail and an essential ingredient to the beauty of this cloth.

Please note there are some small tears and holes throughout the surface of this piece, a few of which are shown in the accompanying detail photos.