A Length of Edo Period Hand Plied Hemp: Ample Hand Writing

$245.00 USD

from a larger cloth dated 1761
92" x 12", 233.5 cm x 30 cm

This long panel of hand plied, hand woven hemp or ramie cloth is something of a treasure.

It was taken from the lining of pieced, silk Buddhist altar cloth which was dedicated--and dated--to read as Houreki 10 or roughly 1760-61. 

So to have an 18th century length of old cloth in such good condition is and to be able to hold history in your hands is something marvelous: this length allows that.

You can see that there is handwriting on this length: this one does not have the date written on it but other pieces from the same lining do have the date which is how the exact age of this piece was ascertained.

What can be seen clinging to the selvedges on this length are fragments of the old silks that once graced the front of the altar cloth. These are long gone, probably due to the delicate nature of silk: more than likely they degraded and turned to dust for the most part.

The length was left unironed for effect: it just seems nicer like this than were it to have been flattened out, but that is personal choice.

The last illustration is a close-up of the bast fiber yarns which make up this cloth: looking closely you might be able to see some instances of hand ply joined yarns. Note the repair and the seaming of the piece.

A marvelous textile and a beautiful one this is very recommended.

A Length of Edo Period Hand Plied Hemp: Ample Hand Writing