A Length of Complex Woven Stripe: Cotton Cloth

$65.00 USD

early twentieth century
66" x 13 1/2", 167.5 cm x 34 cm

This is a length of beautifully woven cotton stripes, the colors beingĀ greens and blues, the combination of wide and narrow stripes creates a visual richness. Note the set of stripes to on the right of the length is different from those on the body of the length, this subtle difference is delightful to see.

The cloth is in good, used condition, has good age and is, of course, very appealing to the eye. There is slight, overall wear and very slight light fading.

There are no major flaws of damage and this lovely, rich striped cotton is one of countless variations that was produced in Japan over the centuries.

Very handsome.

A Length of Complex Woven Stripe: Cotton Cloth