A Length of Complex Kurume Kasuri Cotton: Cranes

$75.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
41" x 13", 104 cm x 33 cm 

This is a good looking length of kasuri cotton, one that is rich in image and that has strong color.

This kasuri length was no doubt woven in Kurume, an area in Kyushu that is known for its distinctive kasuri woven cotton.  Often Kurume kasuri is graphic in design with a bold contrast between the deep indigo and the white cotton areas, as is the case on this piece.

The design is based on a large grid.  In alternating "windows" we can see repeated a stylized crane and a kind of well cover motif.  Note a small notch out of one of the selvedges and an indigo cotton mending patch on the top quadrant of the length.  One of the two short sides is finished by machine stitching.

A really lovely length of kasuri cloth with a sparkling effect on the eye.

A Length of Complex Kurume Kasuri Cotton: Cranes