A Length of Chidori Shibori: Puckered Horizontal Lines

$45.00 USD

mid twentieth century
53" x 12 1/4", 134.5 cm x 31 cm

This is a length of nui shibori, or shibori that has been shape resist dyed using horizontal rows of stitching.   This kind of striped, stitched shibori is sometimes referred to as chidori shibori, possibly because the variegated lines appear to be the tracks left on wet sand by the plover, or chidori.

This length is taken from a yukata or an unlined summer kimono; as such there are ingrained creases still seen on this length.  Additionally, this cotton still retains the tight puckering that is the result of it being stitched hard before it was dyed; the cotton has been set by the stitching, so there is a noticeable texture to this length.

Please note the small stains shown on the attached photos.

A lovely piece of handsome, hand made shibori.