A Length of Boro Kasuri: Old Cotton Yarns

$85.00 USD

late nineteenth century
52" x 13", 132 cm x 33 cm

This is an interesting, old length of indigo dyed cotton boro that was taken from a futon cover which originally may have been either a kimono or a yogi, a kimono-shaped duvet.

The cloth is hand stitched from three pieces; there are 7 patches on this length, each of them a cotton equally old as the base cloth.

Note the boldly designed kasuri patch in highly contrasting blue and white, which shows stylized pine trees, and elongated rectangles, a great foil to the regulated pattern of the base cloth. The other patches each seem to be contemporary to the base cloth, which more than likely dates to the late 19th century.

A beautiful, old length of cloth and one that speaks volumes on daily life in old Japan.