A Length of Boro Butterflies and Peonies: Indigo Dyed Cotton

$144.00 USD

**reduced from $180.00**
early twentieth century
58" x 14", 147 cm x 35.5 cm

This is a beautifully designed length of indigo dyed cotton cloth whose yarns are home spun: it is resist dyed in a repeat pattern of large-scale peonies and butterflies.

But the cloth is also a mystery. It was acquired with another piece with exactly the same pattern but on a different weight of cotton. In that case the pattern is clearly stencil resist dyed. On this piece, upon first glance, the pattern seems to be done in the kasuri technique. But because the other length is katazome dyed it does not seem possible that this one, with the exact same pattern, could be done as kasuri. Even looking at the fibers through a loupe makes it difficult to know, but more than likely this is katazome dyed cotton.

Still, the cloth is lovely and boldly patterned with sweet motifs. 

There are more than a dozen hand stitched patches to the length, most of them are on the two long sides.

The cotton cloth is faded and is of good weight.

Charming and light-hearted this length also has a bold design and shows good, graphic impact.