A Length of Boldly Designed Katazome: Interlocking Hexagons

$68.00 USD

**reduced from $85.00**
early twentieth century
61" x 13 1/2", 155 cm x 34 cm

This boldly patterned length of indigo dyed katazome cotton shows several traditional Japanese design motifs consolidated into one pattern.

The repeat is based on a tortoise shell design; inside each tortoiseshell hexagon, and at each one of its points, is a stylized chrysanthemum.  In the boundaries of the hexagon's arms are placed arabesques or karakusa.

The dyeing is a bit mottled and there are some skips, bleeding and skids in it, one in particular shown on the accompanying detail photo, but overall the piece is in good condition, with good color and great contrast between blue and white.

Really lovely.