A Length of Beautifully Colored Stripes: Lush Green Detail

$65.00 USD

early twentieth century
64 1/2" x 13", 164 x 33 cm

This length of very handsome, striped cloth is hand woven from hand spun cotton--and it is luxurious not just for its simply designed beauty but also for its hand made materials. 

Without seeing this length in in person it is difficult to describe the simple joy of its visual appeal.

The colors are handsome and sophisticated in their understatement and the design of woven stripes is straightforward. There is a lush green color which is indigo overdyed in yellow, and there is a central yellow-toned channel of stripes. These in contrast to the flanking indigo stripes is a beautifully rich color combination.

This is a very good length of cloth from old Japan, with a kind of color and hand woven qualities that are exactly what you would want to find in a old folk textile.

Just beautiful.