A Length of Battered and Beautiful Bast Mesh: Repairs

$85.00 USD

early twentieth century
77" x 13", 195.5 cm x 33 cm

This is a tattered, stained and really, really beautiful length of rustic, undyed hemp or ramie bast fiber cloth.

This is a length of boro cloth meant for someone with a high threshold for appreciating flaws and leaving their evidence of the passage of time.

This is a panel from a kaya or mosquito netting, hence the very loose, open weave of the cloth.

This is truly boro or ragged and as can be seen there are clouds of dark indigo-ish stains to the surface so this length is not for those who cannot appreciate this aesthetic.

The color is a warm neutral; the bast fiber yarns are wiry and are set in a slightly uneven fashion, which adds to the country appeal of this length.

The length is hand stitched from two pieces and there are ample patches, torn patches and eddies of mending stitches all of which create a rich visual field to enjoy.

A really good length of old boro kaya.

A Length of Battered and Beautiful Bast Mesh: Repairs