A Length of a Tsutsugaki Dyed Hemp Bunting: Cranes and Clouds

$295.00 USD

early twentieth century
108" x 15", 274.5 cm x 38 cm

This is a long, horizontally-oriented length of hemp cloth that has been dyed in the tstutsugaki or freehand drawn resist method. It shows a simple, linear rendition of cranes frolicking among billowing clouds.

This length is a section taken from a much longer one which was no doubt some kind of bunting or hanging banner at a temple.

The depiction of the cranes is simplified yet vibrant--and it is the rendering of the massive, swirling clouds that make an arresting background for these marvelously pared-down cranes.

A fantastic length of hand dyed hemp cloth and one that shows a great deal of energy exerted by the tsutsugaki dyer who put a lot of effort into creating this vibrant length of hand drawn, indigo dyed hemp.

Just beautiful.