A Late Edo Period Woodblock Printed Book: Entertainment

$40.00 USD

7" x 4 1/12", 17.75 cm x 11.5 cm

This is a small and slender book of 10 double-sided pages richly illustrated with black-and-white hand carved woodblock prints.

The book is so slender that it feels almost like a pamphlet in the hand due to its size and relatively light weight.

The book's front cover is printed in lavishly detailed colors while the back cover is of one tone. The binding is still intact and is done with cotton thread. You will note some areas of significant loss on the edges and the front and back cover of the book.

This book is a joy to behold and is a treasure to page through: the exuberance of dramatic life in Japan's Edo period is enlivened through the black-and-white illustrations and text of this small-scale but meticulously illustrated story book.

In used condition this book is a delight and a treat for the eyes and imagination.