A Large Zokin #2: Layered Boro Cotton Dustrag

$25.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
11 3/4" x 16", 30 cm x 40.5 cm

In the past we have shown and sold many zokin, or Japan's traditional dustrag which is hand sewn from layers of discarded cloth.  

This one, and the two others we are showing today, are slightly different than the zokin shown before because these are a bit larger in size (please note the dimensions listed above).

This zokin is an unintended, artful collage of discarded, Japanese cottons and it seems that there are about four layers of cloth that comprise this one zokin.  Front and back are equally interesting: and of course, since this textile was a working one that has been recycled, you will see surface wear to the piece on both sides.

Just wonderful.
A Large Zokin #2: Layered Boro Cotton Dustrag