A Large, Very Sashiko Stitched Cotton Kotatsugake: Piece-Constructed Hearth Cover

$445.00 USD

mid twentieth century
69" x 62", 175.25 cm x 157.5 cm

This vibrantly colored beauty is a sashiko stitched kotatsugake or hearth cover which is completely hand stitched from two layers of cotton cloth. It seems not to have been used and is in very good, bright condition.

The hand piecing of the various cottons is random and it yields a marvelously artful result: big bars of color and pattern arbitrarily appear in a lovely formation.  Add to that, the entire thing is overlaid in criss-crossing sashiko stitching which is done in thick, white cotton thread.

The reverse side of this kotatsugake of a solid kasuri or ikat cotton with no variation: the reverse side is shown in the accompanying detail photos.  The top and the bottom edge of the kotatsugake are finished in narrow edging of hand stitched cotton: there is one short passage of cut cotton velour.

A very, very good piece and one with a great deal of visual interest and beautiful hand work.