A Large, Very Patched Cotton Futon Cover: Twentieth Century

$185.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
61" x 50", 155 cm x 127 cm

This is a boro futon cover hand stitched fromĀ a base of plaid cotton cloth that is studded with lush smattering of over forty hand stitched patches, each in beautifully contrasting color and pattern to the base.

The overall effect is eye dazzling.

The type of plaid cotton cloth that forms the futon cover is of a type that was woven in the early to mid twentieth century, and as is plain to see in the accompanying detail photos, there is a good-sized hole on the left-hand side of the futon cover.

This is a very attractive, good-sized boro futon cover and one with a good deal of spirit and calls up life in old Japan.