A Large Tsutsugaki Dyed Furoshiki: Auspicious Image

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
45 1/2" x 46", 115.5 cm x 117 cm

This is a good-sized tsustugaki dyed furoshiki, a furoshiki being a traditional Japanese cloth used for the wrapping, carrying and storage of things.

The centrally placed, rustic and playful design is that of the famous triad of auspicious motifs called shochikubai in Japan: plum symbolizes courage since it is the first bloom to emerge under winter ice, pine symbolizes longevity and conjugal fidelity and bamboo is a symbol of resiliency as it bends but does not break.

Because shochikubai is the motif shown on this cloth and since it confers wishes for a happy marriage we can surmise that this furoshiki was part of a wedding trousseau. Often textiles like this were offered as gifts to a new couple when they began their married life and although this may not be the case with this one--shochikubai is a popular motif--it is likely so.

The cotton is fairly heavily woven and is nicely worn. There are some scuffs and a few small tears to the surface--and a hole to the corner--which are indicated on the attached detail photographs. The central area is distended from use and it does not lay flat. As well, the left and right hand edge of the cloth are reinforced by hand with a back stitch.

But still, this is a very lovely old cloth with beautiful character and a lovely, hand drawn motif.


A Large Tsutsugaki Dyed Furoshiki: Auspicious Image