A Large Stitched Multi-Sakabukuro Mat: Leathery Textured Sake Filters

$345.00 USD

mid twentieth century
68" x 36", 173 cm x 91.5 cm

This large mat is machine stitched of 4+ opened and splayed sakabukuro, sakabukuro being traditional filters used in sake making.

Sakabukuro are the general term applied to this kind of bag, however the exact same kind of bag was used to make soy sauce, so one never really knows if their sakabukuro was used in sake or soy sauce making.

The sakabukuro which comprise this mat are all very leathery in quality due to having been dipped many, many times in kaki shibu or green persimmon tannin, which also gives the dark brown color. Notice the beautiful stitching and mending to the individual sakabukuro which are joined together to create the large area of this mat.

A wonderful textile from old Japan made of beautiful materials and of lovely color.